Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Me Wedding Shoes

After long hours scouring the internets and searching the stores, I finally found my wedding shoes. A really great friend named Nordstrom came through for me and delivered the perfect shoe. Thanks Nordstrom, as always.

Nordstrom is either an angel or the devil, depending on how you look at it. Today I am saying angel because I HAD to buy wedding shoes, however, next time I leave there with a not-so-justified purchase, I may have to call them the devil. Just sayin'.

Anyway, these pictures really do not do these shoes justice at all. The little band that winds around the top of the foot towards the ankle is made of little rhinestones and in real life, they sparkle SO much.
Here is another view. When I was picking out my dress, I was adamant that it have absolutely no beading, sequins or embellishments of any kind. Zip. Zilch. Zero. I really love the look of a simple wedding dress and, while I drove some of the girls in the dress shops crazy, I didn't want any sparkle. However, with the shoes I felt a bit differently. I love the little bit of sparkle that this will add and I feel just lovely with these shoes on - which I may or may not have worn around the house with my sweats on. On numerous occasions. While I loaded the dishwasher. May or may not have done that.

P.S. - Note to any brides out there searching for wedding shoes: I highly recommend searching in places that don't specify "wedding shoes" as you will find a much prettier selection. I found many of the designated wedding shoes to be quite drab and clunky.

P.P.S. - If you are interested in these shoes for yourself, as they would go with a multitude of outfits, they can be found here.


  1. Whao they're stunning!! I could never walk in those for more than 10min though, I'm rubbish with heals!

  2. Me too! re: petit's comment. I am horrible with heels unless it's a cute kitten heel.

    I haven't begun to even think about shoes yet but I will definitely have to begin my search next spring/summer.

    I LOOOVE yours though they are absolutely adorable. I love things that sparkle. My wedding dress is already picked out and it's very simple ivory organza but with little clusters of rhinestones all over the dress! I would show it on my blog but RB reads it!

    Keep the wedding posts coming! It helps me procrastinate from schoolwork ;)

  3. I thought they were a good pick and worth the money Jocie- don't listen to the Parentals.

  4. Those are gorgeous shoes! Great find, my dear! Very classy.

  5. Love them! They're awesome. and I love the detail swirl-y thing on the toe.

  6. I love the shoes! They are elegant and beautiful.

  7. These are the kind of shoes that totally deserve their own post... totally. (cause I'm talking like a valley girl right now for some reason... I think it was the rhinestone sparklies that did it to me, you know? Like yeah?)

    I apologize for myself... I'm tired, and this dog is keeping me awake... must. get. sleep. soon...

  8. Beautiful shoes! A little hidden sparkle is good! Wedding shoes stink...may of the brides I work with actually buying (ballroom) dancing shoes for the reception.


  9. Beautiful shoes!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for being my first follower! Yay!!!

  10. gorgeous! it took me months to figure out what shoes i would wear at my wedding. love your choice - you are one classy broad.

  11. gorgeous wedding shoes!:D i agree with ur take on nordstrom lol:) no worries, i've done the same...wearing fancy shoes while doing some house cleaning hehe it was my way of "breaking in" the shoes;) haha congrats, btw!:D


  12. Nordstroms is the BOMB!!! My favorite store. And, those shoes are to die for. Simple, elegant, and just enough woohoo sparkle to make me very happy. I love watching you prepare for your wedding.

  13. Such beautiful shoes. And I love Nordstrom!! I can't keep from buying things whenever I'm there.

  14. cute- congrats


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