Friday, December 11, 2009

Maddie My Love

This is Maddie. She is one of the true loves of my life.

That face! I will never get enough of it.

She is the quirkiest dog I have ever known, but that is what makes her so fantastic.

Yes Maddie - I'm looking at you, you little Border Collie and who-knows-what mix.

She usually lives at my Dad and Step-Mom's house but she is still our dog. The day I took these pictures, my sister, Caitlin, (who is also my roommate) had taken her on a big hike and she was tired while sprawled out on Caitlin's bed. When I got home from work to find her there sheer joy overtook me in about .348 seconds.

Here I am giving her some lovin'. See how she is leaning her head against my hand? I LOVE when she does that.

Thank goodness we have dogs in this crazy world. Do any of you have dogs that you would give your left leg for?


  1. sweet! pippen and percy are my two guys :)

  2. I used to - their names were Sweetie, Sammi & Bobby - they are all in doggie heaven now...but tons of wonderful memories for me & my family! Love the pictures - Maddie is adorable! Happy weekend to you! xxoo

  3. Cute!!

    We have a rat terrier and she is the best dog ever. Her name is Libby.

  4. Awwww she is adorable!! My little mutt lives at my parent's house right now too.. But she is still mine!! Have a great weekend!!

  5. Well... the jury's still out on mine. (giggle)

    Also, I wasn't sure if you read the Spontaneous Clapping blog? She just got married and had a Candy bar too. If you aren't reading her blog, you might want to check it out for fun wedding stuff, at

    She is super sweet, just like you!!


  6. I do and her name is Wynnie, but sadly she has already passed over the rainbow bridge (almost two years ago). She was the sweetest, most gentle, most loving dog I have ever had.

  7. What a precious dog you have. Pets are so special for the love they bring to our lives. Although, I have never had a dog, I have had and dearly loved several cats. Submit CUTE or FUNNY photos and tell friends to vote for them. No entry fee.

  8. Allie is my dog - even though she lives with my parents. She's an old lady - nearly 14 and she can't walk all that well anymore but I love her to bits and pieces. My sister and I both joke that we'd give her one of each of our legs if that'll help her walk better.

  9. She's just beauiful. My cats were my first babies!


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