Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Homemade Gift Tags

Anyone else tired of spending money? Bueller? Bueller?

I don't know about all y'all, but 2009 has been bloody expensive. Between the immigration fees, traveling to England 3 times to see Dan, wedding costs and everything else - we have spent a small fortune this year on very out-of-the-ordinary expenses. This coupled with a recent speeding ticket and my car breaking down last week - I am darn tired of spending money!!!

Somebody STOP the insanity!!!!

I found myself feeling a bit overwhelmed the other day as I was thinking about all of this and it left me needing a release. When I get like this, there are three things that I know will calm me down:

1) Cleaning
2) Working out
3) Doing a craft

On this particular day I had already cleaned and I just could NOT be bothered with going to the gym, so craft time it was. BUT - it HAD to be a craft that did not include spending money. This was rule number 1, 2 and 3. Fo' sho'. Yo.

About a week ago I was bored and so I googled "Vintage Santa" (this is when you get so jealous of my super exciting life) and this popped up. I immediately thought to myself, those would be cute gift tags and printed out a few pages.

Don't you just lurrrve Google?

So, on this day of a need for anything creative, I grabbed these sheets of paper and wasted no time.

This was a cute gift tag given to me on a gift this summer and it was the perfect size to use as a stencil. By this point, I was feeling better already.

Then I was able to scrape together this little grouping of craft basics. Now, I know there are blogs that show you how to refinish an entire kitchen with a toothbrush and turn your 1977 sideboard into a 4-story house, but this blogger right here, she is quite happy with some glue and glitter, thank you very much.

I wanted to put this up here as an example of one of the WORST photos I have ever taken. The color. The flash. The lack of focus. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I do like the glitter though.

I have always loved glitter. Since I can remember it has caught my eye.

Within 10 minutes I was using my little stencil and making some gift tags. I simply used a pencil to draw the outline and cut them out.

Again - another horrible picture. I don't know what my deal was but I was apparently not bothering with taking decent photos. See what glitter does to me?

I didn't want too much glitter on each tag, as less is more when it comes to this kind of thing, so I found a toothpick, dipped it into the glue and used it to apply a thin layer where I wanted it.

This Santa was my favorite. Here is the before.

And the after. Just a little bit of bling to his jolly 'ol cap and it was good to go!

Two more close-ups. Again - the photos...they are bad and I am sorry. The Santa on the left has a sparkly beard and the Santa on the right, a sparkly green sack.

One by one I glittered them all. By the time I had finished, I felt much calmer and less stressed - mission accomplished. PLUS - now I have gift tags to use that didn't cost me a thing! All they need is some string or raffia on the top and they are good to go.

It's about time something didn't cost me a thing. Everything costs something. It's a thing of life. Thing, thing, thing.

Aaaaand - I think that last little paragraph (for lack of a better word) is my cue to leave. Stick a fork in me baby 'cause I'm done.

Now if you will excuse me so I can wipe this tomato off my face.

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love it! I am going to steal those gift tags for next year - fabulous!

    I totally agree with you, this time of year I truly get so tired of spending money. I also had to get 4 new tires, a few things fixed on the car as I am driving north on Christmas Day and I do not want any problems!

    Here's to a year of thrifty new beginnings for all of us! xxoo

  2. Great idea!! I think I will make some of these.

  3. and these tags have so much more meaning...

    love the idea, as i use old cards for event calanders...

    portland does have smart people..


  4. "..this is when you get so jealous of my super exciting life.."

    You are so darn funny. Lovely tags. Love the glitter :)

  5. When in the hizzell did you make these?

    I better have one on my present...

  6. LOVE IT! I just bought gift tags from Costco on Monday......dern it! LOVE LOVE LOVE this! The glitter is the perfect touch. You crafty girl you!

  7. so pretty

  8. Those are great! I have a bunch of extra index cards left over from my ABC card extravaganza, and I was thinking of doing some cartoon pencil drawings as gift tags!

    Your glitter work is fantastic!

  9. Great idea!! Always good to make things yourself, not only are you saving money but what you get is unique and ever more special for it!

  10. Yes ma'am. No more spending! What a fabulous project. They turned out great!

  11. You are super-crafty! Those are very cute. I am posting gift tags (on the home blog) tomorrow, but I really love the vintage Santas!

  12. These are so pretty!
    Greetings from Italy,


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