Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Decorette Shop

Before I start this post I would just like to share that when I left my house this morning it was 9 degrees. That's right - 9 degrees!!! Yet - there is not a drop of moisture in the air which means no snow. Sigh. At age 27, I still wish for snow days like a child. Anyway...

This past weekend I was on the quest for little wedding favor boxes and it was recommended that I check out a place called the Decorette Shop just outside of Portland. I had never heard of it but my Mom and I decided to check it out. As we pulled up to this tiny little place we both remarked that the sign which looked straight out of the 1950's.

"This reminds me of the little shops that I grew up with!" my Mom said with excitement.

My Mom grew up in Pennsylvania and, despite having lived in Oregon for about 28 years now, stills sees herself as an East Coaster. She often laments about the lack of real deli's, bakeries and specialty shops out here in the West and, after having experienced the real thing back East, I am afraid that she is totally, totally right.

We really didn't know what to expect but as soon as we walked in we were greeted with bin after bin of cupcake toppers. They had every character imaginable to decorate a cake.

I liked this little one.

This is a place for serious bakers. They. Have. Everything. I didn't even know that shops like this existed but now that I know it does, I might have to find a reason to bake a 7 layer square cake.

These little adornments aren't quite my style, but I liked that they were there. Kind of like lace doilies or tartan fabric - you will probably never see those things in my home, but I certainly don't want to live in a world without them.

Every shape you could imagine. To be honest - this overwhelmed me a bit. I had visions of lofty dreams of a cake shaped like a castle and then me, brokenhearted, as the cake won't come out of the pan. I have a bit of a problem with over-analyzing. I like to blame it on being the first-born.

Need a fancy little do-da to put the cake on? Check!

Cookie cutters in every shape ever made in the entire world? Check!

Candy mold in every shape ever made in the world? Check, check, CHECK!

This place seriously has everything people. I felt inspired. I felt happy. I felt...

...liked I wanted some chocolate. Can you blame me?

These mushy tubes were full of lemon, strawberry and other assorted fillings.

Frosting. That is all that needs to be said about that.

Oh SILPAT mats - I love you. I already professed my love of these mats here, but I will just say again that these make baking 12,456 times easier. If you like to bake, GET ONE. DO IT.

Pie plates, pie covers - pie everything.

Little sugar things to decorate with. I am sure these are officially called something, but know it, I do not.

Apparently I have decided to sound like Yoda. Or should I say, sound like Yoda, I do? I will stop now.

Ah ha! Boxes! We finally found them waaaaaay in the back. Of course there were a million choices. I picked out a few sample boxes to show Dan via Skype (which is how we have pretty much planned our entire wedding) and was a happy girl.

If any of you are ever in the Portland area and want to hit up an old fashioned and totally rockin' baking shop, I highly recommend this place. The customer service was top notch and we had a lot of fun.

Bake on, sistas, bake on.


  1. I love stores like this. Anything based on baking or a party is my friend.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! So you're Mom's from PA too?? Small world... lol. The Amish are an interesting group... and I guess it's pretty much second nature to see the horse & buggies driving through town. :) Anywho, this store is awesome! How cool a whole store devoted to every type of baking imaginable!!!

  3. What a cool store!!! I so wish we had something like that around here. We probably do if I search for one. I just might have to do that. I hope you and Dan can pick out the box that both of you like best. What are you going to put in them??

  4. Loooving that store! I need stores like that for favour ideas myself.

    P.S. Is the oregon coast as beautiful as everyone says it is?

  5. What a super fun store!!! I would be in decorating heaven in a store like!!!! (i do cakes in my spare time) BTW, I grew up in PA too:-)

  6. I am dreaming!!! I love it! when I move to Oregon I will live in the alley behind this place because I will be so broke from spending all my money there!

  7. Ohhhhhhhhh, I would love to visit that baker's paradise. Wow!

  8. Looks like heaven. I used to have the privilege of going to a couple of stores like that in L.A....but no such luck in my current locale. I woudl spend so much money there...I have boxes and boxes of samples still!

    Holly @ hipweddings

  9. I could so easily spend major time and money here... and get in big trouble with my new friend, the Air miles credit card. Adrain told me that my new friend needed to take a vacation and I'm missing him badly.

  10. Whao. I’m lost for words. Honestly. That place looks absolutely amazing!!!!! They seem to have EVERYTHING, it’s brilliant!! Wish I had one of those on my doorstep!! By the way, love the idea of the sweets at your wedding, and the glass jars/ vases are superb, such great finds!

  11. There is a place like this down the block from me in NYC.

    I dream about it - but have yet to purchase anything.

    I - like you - are far too overwhelmed.


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