Monday, November 16, 2009

Wind Wind, Go Away...

Ohhhhhhh man, the winds are HOWLING outside as I type this. Many areas around me are without power, but so far we have been lucky.

However, there is a small part of me that always loves a power-outage, except when I don't have a way to dry my hair in the morning - then all the fun of THAT situation quickly flies out the window.

Eeeeeekkkksss....I wish you all could hear the wind outside right now. It is really something else.

In case you can't tell, I am scared of wind. Really scared. It all goes back to a MAJOR storm we had here in December of 1995. I was 13 and the Pacific NW got hit with one of the worst storms in our recorded history. We had sustained winds of 70 mph and gusts over 100 mph. All of the beautiful and lovely trees that we are famous for suddenly started to topple over like toothpicks and the damage in my neighborhood alone was unbelievable.

See - we have BIG trees here. Very big trees. When they fall, it isn't pretty.

I remember after the storm had passed my Dad decided to have us all jump in the car so that we could drive around and see the damage. The images of that night have really never left me. Houses in the neighborhood were split in half. Cars were destroyed. Roads were impassable. Luckily, nobody we knew got hurt and somehow, our house was spared. We were without power though, for almost a week in the middle of December. You could see your breath in the house.

Thank God for fireplaces. That is all I have to say about that.

Anyway, since then, I have found myself feeling very anxious of the wind and so I just try to distract myself when it gets bad, hence, this lame-o post :)

Isn't it funny though how childhood fears can lurk within us and then suddenly present themselves full force as if they never left at all? Sometimes they are even so irrational - but it doesn't matter. It is as if they are just a part of our DNA - solid, forged and determined.

Do any of you have fears left lingering from younger days? I always love to learn more about my readers, so if you feel like sharing, please do.

Alright - another big gust. **shudder**

I am off to bed with my ear plugs. Hopefully it will have calmed down by morning.

Where is Sister Maria from The Sound of Music when you need her?????


  1. I'm going to feed you peas and blow wind in your face while I throw spiders on you. Love, your Sister.

  2. I had a dream when I was six years old that I fell through one of those sidewalk grates covering the underground power/sewer system. In my dream I stepped on the grate and it flipped me under and then I was trapped in a sort of hamster wheel and couldn't get back out on the sidewalk. Ever since then I've been nervous about walking on those grates.

  3. I'm with you, I hate strong winds! We have a huge tree very near to our house also, so it does frighten me when the strong winds come.

  4. at least you have your computer around?


  5. Oh my word. I was just asking Adrain if he remembered "Windstorm 95?" We were laughing because we had been married about three weeks or so, and were stuck at home since they shut down our places of employment. I can't believe they named it "Windstorm 95" Do you remember that? We were living in Tacoma at the time as Adrain was in college at the University of Puget Sound... oh good times. Good, broke times. LOL

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