Tuesday, October 6, 2009


While going through some old photos on my computer, I came across this one. I took it around late October - early November last year. Dan and I, who had both recently finished working on Coraline and were enjoying some hard-earned time off, decided one day to drive the 1.5 hours to the coast and just find a place to stay once we got there. We ended up finding this place that is more stuck in the 70's than the Brady Bunch - but it was right on the beach and this was the view. I took this from our room as the sun was setting and it still takes my breath away how beautiful nature can be - especially the ocean.

Dan and I have a thing for any ocean. There is just something about it - it is so calming and gives you a chance to take a deep breath and chill out. We often talk about having a place by the coast some day and it is a dream that I intend to keep on dreaming. Having spent my entire life so close to the ocean, I cannot imagine living in a place far from one.

I didn't know it at the time, but the day we left for this little get-away, Dan had gotten up early to buy my engagement ring. Within two months of this photo being taken, I would be in Paris with the man I love as he asked me to marry him. However, this was a difficult period for us as well. We knew Dan's work visa with the film production company we worked for was expiring soon and that he would have to leave in a month or so...and then what? It was a scary and painful time all the while being the best time of my entire life.

And now - here we are. One year later and so, so close to being back together - finally and permanently. We are so close now. He will be here soon - we are just waiting for our final approval.

I will admit that tonight was a tough night for me. I was sitting at home just missing Dan like crazy and I had a bit of a moment which produced sniffles and required tissue. I am so tired of being apart. I am so tired of filling out immigration forms. I am so tired of having to prove our relationship to nameless and faceless people who simply see us as a case number amongst thousands of others. I was feeling like, when is this EVER going to end - and then I found this picture and it brought it all home for me. I was able to stop and refocus and think about how far we have come. I was able to see and feel how close we are now. I remembered that no matter what, this too, shall pass.

I felt calm, took a deep breath, and chilled out - just like I was able to the day I took that photo. Not long now...


  1. i want a photo like that! when i was planning my wedding i kept a photo of jack in my planner so when i would have a pre-wedding meltdown or started to get bridezilla i would look at the photo of jack and remember what getting married was all about. i look forward to reading about how you and Dan are reunited and your upcoming wedding!

  2. no one wants to throw away something they had worked so hard for, this is only making your relationship just that much stronger! hang in there- good times are about to begin and i cant wait to hear your stories!

  3. That photo is wow and I can see what you mean about the effect it has to help you re-focus

  4. Ah...hang in there, you'll be together soon and think how wonderful it will be! Beautiful photo!

  5. I'm a mountain girl, and I too have a photo that brings me serenity when I'm feeling stressed.

    That's a beautiful shot of the sunset. I've seen the sunrise over the atlantic, but I've never seen an ocean sunset. I must correct this ASAP!!!

  6. This was really beautiful, stay strong- beautiful photo

  7. Oh sweetie... my Mama always says, "This too, shall pass" to me when I'm feeling like this!! I'm sorry tissues were required. If it was me, it would have been tissues AND chocolate...

    Hang in there!!

  8. 1. Coraline totally rocked! 2. Getting proposed to in Paris? Swoon. 3. There is something infinitely powerful and moving about the ocean!


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