Friday, October 30, 2009

Craigslist + Boredom = House Envy

Sometimes when I am bored I go to the craigslist sites for other cities and look at the real estate listings.

I'm kind of a house/real estate freak and I love seeing homes for sale.

Anyway, tonight I picked Tulsa, Oklahoma and Raleigh, North Carolina, for no apparent reason, and I was shocked. SHOCKED, I tell you!! What you can get for the money in these two cities is unbelievable.

Here where I live in Portland, OR the average tiny 2 bedroom 1 bathroom "starter home" runs around $250,000 to $300,000 which is something that I have just accepted as reality. HOWEVER - for that same amount in Raleigh or Tulsa, according to craigslist, you can get a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom MASSIVE home with a large yard.

(sorry to my friends down South in California - I know you have it way worse)

I also know that you always have to account for cost of living factors and yada yada yada - but let's be real, okay? When you are looking at houses for sale, you look at numbers first and when I see the numbers in these cities that are disgustingly lower than the prices in my city, I gotta wonder what is the deal? Why is Portland so expensive? We are just a city with a small-town feel and a bunch of ex-hippes who think there is a distinction between "casual" Birkenstocks and "fancy" Birkenstocks. (I, for the record, do not share this opinion - but let me tell haven't SEEN hippie chic until you've been to the Opera in Portland...oh man - all sorts of outfits show up.)

I guess what I am trying to say is - when did Portland become one of those cities? I think of this place as so laid back and chilled out, but I don't think we are that as much anymore. Granted our proximity to a coastline and that little state called California automatically raise the cost of living...but...but...but - but I just want the kind of houses they have in Raleigh and Tulsa here in Portland but at those prices - is that too much to ask?

Grab your cowboy boots Dan - we might be moving to Tulsa.

Telling an Englishman to grab his cowboy boots makes me chuckle. It's like telling an American to grab their Wellies.


  1. What's a Wellie?

    I have house envy in reverse. My husband and I would love to retire in the Pacific NW, but after living our whole lives in Texas, there is no way we can afford it, even if willing to downsize to what you describe as a starter house. All of our savings for retirement has been based on the economy here in TX where the cost of living (and salary) is very low in comparison. We live in a 2400 sq. ft. house (4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, large yard) that cost us a whopping $130K ten yrs. ago. It's increased in value to about $180K, but still, TX has no state income tax, moderate property taxes, etc., and making a move to your area is just impossible on what we'll have for retirement. We're pretty much stuck in TX or OK -- Big House on the Prairie. LOL. BTW, our starter house, 25 yrs. ago (2 BR, 1 Bath) cost $40K.

  2. HAHA no one can relate to this more than I, I have moved to NC back to WA and then to TN...Nc's neighbor, what I can tell you is this, the south will never have pac nw food...its a big sacrifice for me. I dont know if its just me but the cities dont have the same feel either, and I am always beside myself with culture shock. You are always welcome to visit and check out realestate in the area!!!

  3. I love looking at real estate too...House Hunters is one of my fave HGTV shows...!

    The most important question is: do you want to live in Tulsa, just to have a larger house? Or do you love where you live now?

    Location to me is far more important than the size of a house....but I love to look at them, it's alot of fun! BTW - I live in So Cal...

    Have a great weekend! XXOO

  4. I love houses! Old houses. Houses with history. Probably 50% of the houses I see on "If Walls Could Talk" send me into architectural lust. Sad but true. I think I just need to somehow, magically get totally rich so I can have houses all over...on the beach in Oregon, a farmhouse in NE Ohio, the house I have, maybe a cabin in the mountains! ACCCKKKK!

  5. OMG! I do the same thing on Craigslist. So much for my own area in Fort Lauderdale, then get so frustrated with the prices, that I start looking in other towns. I used to move all the time, so it's more like a habit. I generally look in Asheville, Charlotte, Austin, Portland, etc. That's too funny!

  6. Btw, it's usually when I should be working, like now. ;)

  7. Hippie chic? Take pictures next time :)


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