Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chores Schmores

You know when you go the empty the dishwasher and you pull out a glass and you see that the dishwasher didn't clean properly and there are all sorts of little grimy speckles in the glass and so you sigh and reload the dishwasher with the dishes that didn't get quite clean?

Then, you realize that the reason they didn't get clean was because you stuffed the freaking thing to the gills, because God forbid you actually hand wash an item, and the water spray was not able to get to the top level because of your laziness.

So, you reach for your fancy Cascade Action Pack dishwasher detergent tablets only to find that you are out and so now you are left with the "clean" dirty dishes combined with the "dirty" dirty dishes that you had already been neglecting and suddenly a simple chore has turned into a kitchen full of grimy yuckiness that starts to close in on you while echos of your parents telling you to "just keep up on your chores" bounces around in your head.

Then you just walk out because...well, it doesn't matter why - all that matters is that suddenly really OTHER important thing that you have to do that second because well, you just have to, okay?

I, personally, know nothing about this...I am just wondering if you do...

I have heard that this happens to people sometimes.


  1. Pretty sure the hubs knows this all too well. He's a master jammer. Ah ha

  2. Yes! I also know what it feels like when you realize that you *should* have gone with the name brand vs. store brand detergent because after two cycles, nothing is clean.

  3. It has never happened to me either ;-)
    Those poor 'other' people.

  4. I bet that "other" important thing involves target...but just wait for babies....they will break you down...you'll be afraid of stores forever. haha! still worth it though!


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