Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I have been coveting this jacket for almost a year now and I want it more than ever as the weather is changing and my mind is filled with the desire to hit the slopes. It is The North Face Women's Lotus Triclimate Jacket. This has everything you could want in a ski jacket and I WANT IT MORE THAN BRITNEY SPEARS WANTED HER HAIR BACK CIRCA 2007! About a year ago in a sporting goods store I tried it on and then proceeded to wear it around the store for about an hour as we looked at other things, but I never bought it because I had other priorities.

I have other financial priorities this year as well, but I can still dream about it, can't I?

Now, normally in everyday life, I am more of a Banana Republic trench coat kind of gal, but there is something so delicious about having a well constructed, warm and specifically designed jacket for skiing - or snowboarding, I'm not trying to alienate my fellow snow lovers out there - that just makes the entire experience so much more enjoyable!

Here are some of the features of this coat, according to The North Face website:
  • Fully seam sealed
  • Adjustable EZD-tach hood
  • Rotated core pit-zip vents
  • Handwarmer zip pockets
  • Wrist accessory pocket with goggle cloth
  • Internal media security pocket
  • Internal goggle pocket
I think the handwarmer zip pockets are my personal favorite. La de da - I want this jacket and I cannot wait to go skiing this year, but perhaps I will revisit the idea after the immigration fees and wedding costs subside a bit.

I feel so grown up when I say that...when in the heck did that happen?

PS - This is not an official advertisement for The North Face - I am just a fan of the product. Part of this is due to a deep-seeded and ridiculous neurosis I developed in high school when all of the popular kids had The North Face fleece coats which my parents refused to buy us. This made me crave the darn things and I think a piece of that still lives with me today. However, this is not the time or the place to get too into my hormonal teenage feelings of inadequacy and desire to fit in, so I will just now simply, shut up.

However we all know that won't last for long...


  1. La de da? :-)

    I hope The North Face reads this and gives you that jacket.

  2. Oh my goodnes... I too, suffered from parents that did not see the value of purchasing stuff that "the cool kids" were wearing.

    I notice that they gave in a LOT more when it was my younger brother wanting things...

    But I'm not bitter or anything...


    Not me. Not one little bit.

    I say buy that thing!

  3. A good ski jacket is important. Does the lining come out? Because that's key for me. I also didn't have a north face jacket - and I wanted one more in college and instead I got this fairly ugly but oh so comfy orange fleece monstrosity.

    I agree - buy it. being warm skiing is the only way to do it.

  4. Hmmm, all your commenters are urging you to buy it. I guess the mother in me is coming out, cause I was cheering you for your good decision in waiting until you are free and clear. Start setting aside $5-$10 per week, and you can get it for next winter, and one for Dan as well! Won't the two of you have fun on a winter ski trip in matching jackets???

    After years of struggling to get out of debt, we've learned the hard way that there's hardly anything that we have to have right now. We save then buy. Much easier in the long run.

    I must say though, that is one fine jacket and I certainly hope you can have one.

  5. ugh, with me it was adidas socks and doc totally need that got instantly nippy here in wa...I know its probably like that there too....I am totally in love with all the express coats that come out in the winter...they kill me dead every time.

  6. I had no idea how amazing North Face was until I visited the hubs' home state of Minnesota!

  7. Desire is a powerful emotion: look at all these comments. If you do get it, Jocie, choose a color other than black. You look vibrant in colors and colors look vibrant on the slopes! Whatever you decide: there's no wrong decision with this one.
    Love you,


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