Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wine Tasting

Wine and wenches empty men's purses - English Proverb (That's for you, baby)

Like the proverb? Ah yes - we are bringing out the class here today on Wingin' It. It really has nothing to do with my post, except for the wine part, but since I have fallen in love with an Englishman I have become increasingly interested/entertained by all things English and this proverb cracked me up.

Do you think a man or a woman wrote it? I could really see it going either way, depending on how you look at it. Anyhoo...moving on...

This past weekend was my sister's birthday on Saturday and mine on Sunday. That's right, we are born a day apart. Well - 2 years and 1 day apart. This used to cause many a fight back in the day as my sister and I wrangled for the spot of who could draw their birthday out the longest without the other one stepping in. Neither of us has ever been very successful at this, however, and we have both resigned to the fact that we are in for a life of sharing birthdays and cakes with both of our names on it.

So, on Saturday for my sister's day, a bunch of her friends and our family all headed out to Oregon wine country for a day of beautiful scenery, good laughs and amazing wine. Oregon is famous for the amazing Pinot Noir that is produced here and is considered some of the best in the world. If you ever get a chance to visit, I highly suggest you spend a day wine tasting - it is an absolute delight.

We started our day at Winderlea Winery which is one of my favorite wineries. The pinot wines they produce are delicious and the couple that owns the whole operation have only been doing it since they moved out here from Boston in 2006 to make wine. In three short years they have created some of the best I have ever tasted.

Their tasting room is as beautiful as the wine. It is a super modern building with large garage-door style windows that open up onto the vineyard below where you can see the vines that produced the wine you are holding in your hand. This picture shows our entire crew getting their first taste. We practically took over the entire space.

Here are some views from the deck. It is stunning. Rows upon rows of grape vines surrounded by lush evergreens are about all you can see. I love to imagine myself living out here and seeing this every morning - can you imagine?

Here is a view of the deck. You can see in the background a table with a bunch of chairs. Apparently they host fully catered lunches there which are all paired with their wine. Uhm...where do I sign up?

Enjoying wine on the deck. The day was a bit cloudy, but it was warm, which made it perfect.

View from the deck looking inside. Isn't this place full of awesomeness? I decided that I actually want to live here, in the tasting room. I wonder how they would feel about that?

Here is the birthday girl (second from the left) with some of her besties. I too have known many of these girls for a looooong time and so it was great to spend the day with them. See the girl in the pink dress? Well, I will just say that she, my sister and I got into ALL SORTS of mischief in our younger years...and I do mean ALL SORTS. I will just leave it at that, but the laughs from those stories could go on for days.

Next we went to Torii Mor Winery where one of my bestest friend, Ari, works. They were having an all day event with live music, local BBQ and GOOOOOOD wine. I know I am bias because she works there, but I am telling you all, this place in insanely delicious. Especially their port...don't even get me started on the port. Unfortunately, I was too busy visiting and enjoying the wine that I hardly took any pics. Oh well!

Dad and bro about to enjoy some Texas-style ribs and chicken. Now - you may be thinking BBQ and fine wine? Really? Trust me - it works.

With full bellies and a slightly more lively crowd (ahem...wonder why) we visited De Ponte Cellars which also has a great deck. We spent quite a while here just hanging on the deck and enjoying the scenery.

I love this picture. It sums up this girly in more ways than one. Aw shucks Megs...we love ya!

Group shot.

PRETTY! I will never get tired of all the greenery we have here. Sure, we pay for it with buckets of rain, but I think it is worth it when I see views like this one.

After this we headed to the final winery, Archery Summit. It too was beautiful, but it definitely was the most oh-la-la of all the places we visited (wine starts at $85/bottle!). They also had a bit of a, let me see...how should I phrase it...high opinion of themselves and we were a tad put off by that, but whatever.

The cool thing about Archery Summit is that you can go into this above ground cave where they store all of the wine. It is HUGE and the barrels seem to go on forever.

After this we were all tired and hungry and made our way home. It was a really great day capped off with dinner in downtown Portland.

And...apparently I hadn't had enough wine for the day so I ordered more...sheesh.

So - now my sister and I, 25 and 27, are another year older. I am still grappling with the fact that I am 27. 27. Late 20's. High school reunion soon. NOT OKAY - but out of my control.

By the time my parents were my age, they had 2 kids, a mortgage and careers. I am childless, mortgage-less, working in the ever-unstable film industry and about to marry an Englishman who wants to see the world with me.

On that note...maybe being 27 isn't all that bad :)

Have a good one everybody!


  1. You had a wonderful and memorable trip, AND you're 27...not bad at all

  2. What a wonderful way to spend a birthday! Beautiful wine country, doesn't get much better than that!

  3. Happy Birthday! Twenty-seven isn't that old. Don't follow in my footsteps for the net three years either. I started worrying about being old and turning thirty on my 27th birthday. Totally wasted three perfectly good years. Heck, from my viewpoint, you're just getting your feathers. Enjoy your youth -- you've got a lot of living to do and tons of happiness ahead.

  4. sounds like a fantastic time! and a very happy belated birthday to you! {you can start calling me granny ok?}

  5. wow what a fun day! I love wine! You get to do the coolest things, I can't wait to see the travels you and your fiance will go on!

  6. That looks like a great way to spend a birthday :)

  7. What a great birthday! The view is beautiful. And you won't believe it but my sister and I are born a day apart too :) My mother always bought two cakes because we were spoiled little brats (not really :)

    I was worried that I wasn't going to see you on any of those pictures but the group shot & the last picture set me at ease.
    You birthday girls looked pretty!


  8. Happy Birthday!! and 27 is not old...sigh, I wish I was 27


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