Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Men men men men, manly men men men

Conversation I just had, via Skype, with my man:

Me: "So, any more plans on the stag-do front?"

(Please note that in England, what they call a stag-do is what we in America call a Bachelor Party.)

Dan: "Well, I found this stock car racing thing during the day. You get to each have your own car and race it around a track and just crash them into each other - it sounds brilliant."

Now - I am not sure if I have ever heard a sentence that was more obviously said by a male. Can you imagine saying, "Oh yeah honey - the girls and I are going to the track to crash cars into each other. Be back soon!"

I think I would rather clean all the windows in my house with a toothbrush than purposefully put myself in a situation in which cars will be crashed into me. You have got to be kidding.

I have learned, however, that this is the way it is going to be with my husband-to-be. The ever-so-cautious-because-I-don't-want-to-get-hurt-little-old-me is about to marry someone who likes to mountain bike, surf, ride really fast motorcycles, wakeboard, water ski, snowboard, kite board, drive anything with 'turbo' and has base jumped off of a HUGE cliff in Switzerland. While I too enjoy some of the above listed activities, I think that I have definitely found myself a bit of a dare devil who is bound to keep me on my toes over the years. Oh me, oh my - I hope my nerves can handle it.

Except for the motorcycles. I HATE motorcycles. Sorry baby. (cue eye-roll from fiance)


  1. A stag-do??? *giggle*

    It sounds like you two are a perfect fit for each other :)

    Car racing is not my thing either. Men are strange but lovable (ok, not every man is lovable).

  2. I just had a nervous breakdown thinking about it all. I bet y'all will do well together on Roller Coasters!

  3. Am rolling my eyes ! Trust me it will all be fine and i love you. XX.

  4. Okay, girl, I have just got to tell you this, and I can't hold it back any longer... I LOVE YOUR blog!! I would say "I love you" but I wouldn't want to creep you out or anything... just listening to your post in my head had me laughing hysterically... clean windows with a toothbrush??? No idea where you got that, but I love it!!

    You just crack me up. You're fast becoming a huge favorite of mine.

  5. HAHA!! it's so true. I think girls are supposed to be cautious so that we know how to keep our haha! I used to love motorcycles, not so much anymore...lesson learned, thats all I need to say. YAY for British American daredevil babies (that dont exist yet) =D

  6. Next thing you know we will see a blog posting where you go sky diving! Personally, I think skydiving would freak me out.

    Are you going to live in England after you get married?

  7. Oh my, car crashing? I second the motorcycle comment!

    My fiance is a mountain biker and I cringe just looking at pictures of the trails they ride.

    What is a bachelorette party called?

  8. I know what you mean. My husband is so much more of a dare devel than I am. I am more and more cautious the older I get. It makes me sad sometimes that I have so much hesitations with things I used to do with no fear, but I guess that's part of who I am now, so I need to get over it :)

  9. i couldnt help but laught at your 5 things that you struggle with I cant make rice either...I got a rice maker as a wedding gift cuz everyone knew about my struggles. I also cant drive a stick...anywho really I was wondering if you were actually going to use calligraphy on your invites...


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