Monday, August 17, 2009

Antique Appreciation

Oh how I love a good antique shop. Call me too old for my age, call me a Grandma or call me boring - I don't care one bit because there is something about roaming through antique shops that I find insanely relaxing. 

I have been like this since I can remember. My Mom used to go to antique shops often when we were younger and I always loved when she would take me along. It would send me deep inside my own imagination and I would pretend I was all different characters looking for my lost key that was the only way to finding my kidnapped brother or my porcelain doll that the evil head-mistress of my French boarding school took away from me for no good reason. 

Alright - so I was a dramatic child with a flair for theatrics - perhaps my choice of a career in film was the correct decision. 

Anyway, I think it is just the anticipation of what you might find that adds so much to the experience. Possible treasures lurk around every corner and I was delighted to have the chance to check out an antique store in Portland that I had never been to - and let me tell you, this place BROUGHT it!

I LOVED these old scales. I find myself quite attracted to everyday items that people used without thinking that it would one day be in an antique store. 

I wish they still made tubs like this. It was so deep - you could really find some serious relaxation in this bad boy. 

Who can resist a simple, white little girl's dress from back in the day? Ah - I love it!

Reclaimed windows and frames. Dan and I have dreams of owning a home that we can do up with reclaimed items - there is so much more character with this stuff!!!

This is for all you sewing fans out there - it's an old sewing organizer thingy. I really sound like I know what I'm talking about, don't I? There was a place for everything and I loved all the little drawers.

This doll's face was pretty beaten up, but that is how a loved doll should look, if I do say so myself. My bald Barbies would probably disagree, but what do those little 39"-18"-33" freaks know anyway? 

Chairs. Call me crazy, but they put a smile on my freckled face. 

All sorts of delights to please the eye...

...spark the imagination...

...and enchant the past. 

This place just went on forever, but out of it all, apparently I was all about drawers that day because the following 3 items had me happier than a kitten with cat-nip

Oh baby - come to Mama...

Just THINK about the organization that could be had with all these drawers!!! Oh how I love organization. 

 I am still fantasizing about what I could put in all of them. 

Why do I love these so much? They are drawers for goodness sake - but they call my name, loud and clear. 

Now all I need is a house big enough so I can actually buy some of this stuff and have a place to put it! Until then I will be left to dream and drool over these fab items. 


  1. I LOVE antiques and antique stores. I agree -- it's a wonderful place to unwind. It's like entering another world, a simpler time. When I'm feeling uncreative, I go to an antique shop and somehow it refills my creative cisterns. I get ideas for my fiction too. I'll find something that seems to call my name nad I wonder about who bought it or made it, how they might have used it, what their home might have been like, etc. Suddenly a character will appear almost like a ghost attached to an item, and then a bit of a story will appear. I walk around with a notebook and my iPhone camera and pretty soon I've got tons of ideas for short stories or novels.

    I hope you and Dan can have that house full of reclaimed items someday. Wouldn't it be fun to have a house full of stories?

  2. I love LOVE antique shops! So dusty, dirty and FUN!

  3. This post put a smile on my face. But dramatic children with a flair for theatrics always have this effect on me :) Maybe because I used to be a dramatic girl too, with a rich imagination.

    Roaming through antique shops isn't boring at all! My sister and I both like antiques. It was my grandmother who learned us to appreciate antiques.

    So your pictures make my heart pitter-pat. Picture #9 is my favorite. I would want that cabinet + contents so bad.

  4. i NEED that apothecary table NOW. i would put different knobs on each drawer and stare at it every night. do you remember how much it was?

  5. I love this stuff, Joc. I dream of putting my sewing notions in a wall full of tiny draws. Someday I'll have an apartment with a free wall! (yeah, right). Hope to see you when you come to England!!

  6. I meant "drawer", not draws. It sounds like I have a Southern accent!

  7. i love anything with lots of drawers- makes me want to go and put one on layway! (one of our antique places does that :O) }

    {ps. thanks about my dad. fingers crossed they find something soon}

  8. Oooh, neat pictures! I haven't been to an antique shop in forever, now I want to go.

  9. I love it! I am totally the same.

  10. Just Beautiful..

    Hi Sweetness, fyi. I've noticed a couple of times with you posting comments on blogs that it posts twice. Not sure what is causing it.

    ..are you staring at your ring?

  11. What a lovely place. Those reclaimed windows are gorgeous!

  12. this was so great! I loved going in antique stores when I was I have kids...its not a good combo! but I love the drawers too! it was all so beautiful! thanks muffin super fun post!

  13. Love it. I do enjoy a good antique store - particularly if it reminds me of Anne of Greengables. Love the drawers!

    I wore a vintage prom dress to prom every year (it was a requirement to go at my highschool - le sigh).

  14. Jocie, my dear, you won! Come visit the blog!

  15. where is this one? I just went this past weekend



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