Monday, July 20, 2009

This Post Is Mostly For Me, Myself and I

Even though my wedding is still 8.5 months away, I feel as though my little to-do list grows by the minute. While we are in pretty good shape and our plans are slowly coming together and revealing themselves, I still feel as though there is always something to be doing with little time to spare.

Who knew this planning a wedding thing would be so similar to working in production on a film?!? Hmmm...note to self if this whole film career doesn't pan out...

This past weekend I was in Bend, OR which is a BEAUTIFUL resort town about 3.5 hours southeast of Portland. My activities in Bend looked something like this: Sleep, Shop, Eat, Drink. I kid you not - that pretty much summed it up. And it was great. Just ask my waistline.

But, as is the painful truth with most Mondays, reality been served - piping hot with a side of crap I gotta do.

In order to give some structure to my day/life/frantic mind, here are the things that I must think about/do something proactive towards today:

1) Finish collecting the last few addresses for my Save The Date cards. I have most of them, but there are always a few stragglers.

2) Call my doctor to find out why they mysteriously, out-of-nowhere sent me a bill for something they have never charged me for. If I had a dollar for every time I have had to fight it out with an insurance company, well, let me just say that my wedding attendees would all be going home with diamonds as a party favor.

3) Price out which rental company has the cheapest black wooden chairs. My Dad thinks I am insane to rent chairs. He simply cannot understand that coordinating chairs mean the world to me. Men.

4) Look for a Photoshop class that I can take. I have decided I need to brush up on my skills. I took the damn class at film school - but it seems that I have totally forgotten everything I learned. Please don't tell my student loans that.

5) GO TO THE GYM. Ugh. The hardest thing of all. I hate the gym. Have I mentioned that before? I will go. And I will sweat. And I will be very happy when it is all over.

Okay - I feel better now. My to-do list for today. I needed to get it out there - and I am so sorry for dragging you all into it. Now that I have written it out, it doesn't seem so bad. See? That is why I love lists. They take all the mumbled, jumbled mess that quickly builds itself in your head and makes it look all pretty, neat and manageable.

Now - off to get those addresses...


  1. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I really like your casual writing style, and can see myself coming back here frequently.

  2. Girl, I love a good list!! Helps sort out life.

    Good luck at the gym. I hate the gym as well, so I swim instead. I hate it slightly less...

  3. Nice Post even though it was for you and only you...I couldn't refrain from minding my business.

    Thanks for your recent visit to my blog, the piano dude is Pete Malinverni, he's passionate indeed, you should see him with choir during a show...OMG! And for those of us who cannot sing, there's always the shower or Kareoke! Ha!

  4. No need to apologize, sweetie. Most folks like 'Lists'. I'll be keeping tabs on you.

    I hope you will find my Blog worth your time, occasionally. Good luck/Best wishes with your wedding/marriage plans. Peace

  5. Sometimes lists are the only things keeping me from losing my mind.

    Coordinating chairs mean the world to you?
    I have been missing out then ;-)
    I guess you won't like this chair:

    Ok, on a more serious note. Weddings are stressful. All those little details and big preparations, family, money................ My best suggestion, I guess, is to do a lot of things for yourself to relax, if you can.

    I have to go to the gym tomorrow too and I don't want to :( But you are right, when it's all over and done, we will be happy.

    Ciao Bella, until we meet again (or 'till another great post!)

  6. AHHHH i totally get you on the matching chairs, I luckily had the black wooden chairs that were supplied by the castle they are a big deal, but whats so funny, when you get to the day you just sort of dont care anymore haha!!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can't imagine planning a wedding. I can't even imagine planning a birthday party.

    I love a good list.

  8. thats why we had a surprise cookout/wedding in our own backward-less stress :O)

    {click on alexandra hedin design under the image on my blog and it will take you where you need to go. its a diy from altoid cans. genious huh?!}

  9. oops- meant backyard! need spellcheck.

  10. There are some fab photoshop tutorials on the Pioneer Woman's photography blog if you just need a bit of a refresh :) Hope you are okay, thank you for the Save the Date card!

    love Shoo x

  11. Lists always help me feel more productive somehow. Sometimes it is fun to add things to lists that you have already accomplished. It is a nice ego stroke, go ahead and try it. :) I DIDN'T know you have a blog!! :) But I found you. I love your header!


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