Wednesday, July 1, 2009



As many of you know, and as many of you may not know, the greater part of the last two years of my life was spent working on the film Coraline. It was, without a doubt, one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of my life. Practically fresh out of film school when I got the job, I was able to work my way up from being a runner to a 3rd Assistant Director in about a year and learned copious amounts about animation, film making and the film industry in general.

I also met my fiance, Dan, (who was brought over from England to work as the 2nd Assistant Director) while working on the film, so all in all I can say that Coraline forever changed the direction of my life in a pointedly unexpected yet wonderful way.

*****Quick clarification for all you non-film people out there - contrary to how the position sounds, Assistant Directors don't actually do any directing at all. For a description of what it really means, click here *****

After almost 2 years of actual filming, combined with a great many more years spent in pre-production, to all of our delights, Coraline has been a great success. It has already grossed over $111 million and is continuing to open with great acclaim in theaters around the world. Making a film is no easy task; there are countless hours spent making sure that every little thing is exactly as it should be. The process is so complicated that it actually baffles me at times that films even get made in the first place. But alas, our little film produced and shot in Hillsboro, OR has made us all proud and it makes it feel like it was all worth it.

Now, here comes the plug: Since it is July 1st today, I thought I would take the chance to let people know that Coraline comes out on DVD this month - July 21st to be exact. So - now is your chance to check it out if you missed it in the theaters or to see it again if you just didn't get enough the first time :) Either way, I hope that you enjoy and thanks for supporting our film.



  1. I like shameless plugs ;-) It looks like a visual treat.

    Amd thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I love comments. Can't wait to read your other posts.

  2. Congratulations!
    I like your blog title.

    I see you use Zemanta - how you liking it?

  3. Oh my gosh I havent caught up so I had no idea!! your like famous!!...hey whos in your cell phone?? those bush twins have nothing on a girl who can keep my boys happy with amazing films like this, not to mention that I really love them too..gonna have to buy that dvd for sure now!

  4. You're blog title is fantastic. Please don't excuse the plug - it's fantastic to read posts like these. I look forward to 'Coraline' being released on DVD.

  5. well now this is just cool!!!!

  6. Wow! I just came over from my blog at where you were so sweet to leave a comment. I am so impressed with your work! My husband produces and directs shows for television. You can learn about him here I bet he'd love to chat with you!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  7. Well now how awesome is that!!!! I can't wait to see it-- a couple of my kiddos have, but I didn't yet! And now I have an even better reason to!


  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog little ant design - I love having new people come and visit.

    I had to come over here and check out your blog and after reading this post I'm feeling pretty honored that such a cool chick would visit my blog :)

    I loved this movie - it had such a cool visual vibe to it. What a great experience to be a part of it.

    Come back and visit at little ant whenever you need some party inspiration!

  9. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

    Great movie - kudos!


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