Sunday, July 12, 2009


Last week I got a call from my old boss/friend from my time working on the film Coraline and he informed me that one of his good friends is the road manager for the band Coldplay. He then delighted me with the news that his friend had two tickets available for their Friday night show and wanted to see if my sister and I wanted to go. To this I responded with a, "Yes please!" and a "Gimme gimme."

So, Friday after work the sib and I made our way to Ridgefield, WA, which is about 20 miles North of Portland. The traffic was horrendous, but we finally made it there about 8pm. Knowing that bands never ever start when they are supposed to, we were taking our time finding parking and getting all of our ducks in a row. That is when a little lack of communication occurred between me (who had the keys) and my sister (who decided it was time to lock the car doors) which left us with my purse and keys locked in the car.

Some words were said. I am not proud of it.

Luckily, we were driving my Dad's car and in his usual "Be Prepared" approach to life, he had a secret key in a magnetic box on the inside of the back bumper. Gotta love those who think ahead. So - crises was over, we made our way to the will call, picked up our tickets and were on our way.

As we entered the venue, we quickly realized that the comped seats from the road manager were much, much nicer than the usual tickets that our budgets would allow. In a matter of minutes, we found ourselves in the 2nd row with Chris Martin, the lead singer from Coldplay, merely feet away. It was pretty much awesome.

See the white armband? We decided it was a tribute to MJ. This was confirmed when they later did their own rendition of 'Billy Jean'.

The show itself was amazing and I can tell you that if you are a Coldplay fan, seeing them live is quite a treat. Everything about their performance was impressive. Chris Martin was all over the place and you could really feel his presence on the stage.

During their performance of the song 'Yellow' they released these huge yellow balloons into the crowd which were bounced around throughout the song.

As we were in the very front, we had them falling all around us. It was fun and made us feel important, like we were a part of the show. Chris Martin needed us there to help bounce those balloons around. I think he even mouthed that to me during the show. I swear.

In addition to the yellow balloons, I must say that I was quite impressed with the lighting and I applaud whoever produced this show. There was always something to look at and the stage changed with every song.

I especially loved the lighting in this next photo:

About 2/3 of the way through the concert, suddenly we heard this great whooshing sound from above which caused us all to look up to see thousands of colored pieces of paper floating down upon us.

As they got closer, we realized they were all little butterflies.

I loved every second of this and I can say that being in the very front is way more fun - especially when little paper butterflies are swarming you.

My sister liked it too. She is going to hate that I posted this. Sawwy.

This is what the amphitheatre floor looked like after the shower. I think I can hear the janitorial staff grumbling.

All in all, it was a great time and the show was amazing. I highly recommend seeing them if you get the chance. And I am sure that even if you don't have tickets from their road manager, it will still be just as good.

I know that I sound like a brat, but it is not often you get to say such things, so I am taking full advantage :)

Have a great Monday everyone!


  1. Why would Caitlin hate that picture? It's really cool! I'm glad you had a good time, and I'm jealous!!

    P.S. Those are your sister's suede, fringed, 80's boots aren't they?... :)

  2. I am a HUGE Coldplay fan, and this post was awesome! Thanks for all the details! I "almost" felt like I was there!

  3. what an awesome post! its great that you're allowed camera's at concerts - cos we (s.a) ahve to sneak them in or use camera phones, which sucks :(

  4. I've seen them 3 times already this summer and I think it gets better every time! They are truly an outstanding group who never lets you down :)

  5. super cool! I want a butterfly shower...stat! awesome pics!

  6. i don't even like coldplay and i am jealous. and your sistah-friend shouldn't be mad that you posted that pic - i love all the colors and the look on her face. glad you had a great time!

  7. Oh Jocie, Jocie!!! Yeah that was great, thank you so much for taking me!!!! :) :) and yes Ari, they are!!! I LIKE THEM but really have only been able to wear them twice in real life... funnily enough they are hard to match, I figured an outdoor concert would work? All in all Ari... SHUT UP. :)

    but yeah, concert was amazing - Coldplay puts on a great show. Great night Jocie.

    PS - it's "Billie Jean"!

  8. Whoa, a Coldplay rendition of Billy Jean? I have got to YouTube that. Thanks for being the first to let me know my blog made it on the Blogs of Note list! At first, I was wondering why you congratulated me but just figured you were a nice soul who often said encouraging things to people :)

  9. Wow, what a great day! Free tickets? So jealous over here :)

    "Some words were said. I am not proud of it." Ha ha, I know what you mean. My sister and I have the same 'conversations'.

    Beautiful pictures and great post.

  10. I love Coldplay, I'm so jealous! Looks like a fun time :)


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