Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dog Gone Darling

Sometimes life naturally just makes you stop, if even for only a moment, to appreciate the small things. You may not even realize that it's happening, but it is. Think about times when you've been so sticky, drippy and unbearably hot that you literally feel like you are melting into the ground and then suddenly a breeze comes a long and cools you off. Or when you thought that it was only 3pm and you look at your clock and it's actually 4:30pm and you get to leave the office and go home in an a half hour. And what about finding that $20 in your winter coat? That is all it. That is life making you stop for a second and appreciate the small things.

I had one of those moments recently when my Step-Mom's sister came to visit from Washington State and brought her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. There are no words that will really, truly describe how cute this dog is, so I will just show you. Please be cautioned however that this much adorableness at one time may cause severe happiness, difficulty looking away from your computer screen, inability to care about what you were just doing, the desire to run out to the closest dog shelter and rescue a puppy and frequent urges to start talking in your designated "dog" voice. (C'mon...you know you have one. Everyone does. Put simply: it is the way you speak to dogs when you don't think people are listening. It's okay.)

And now, without further ado, may I present to you, hailing from Seattle, Washington - Molly the Puppy:

Have a good day everybody and remember to enjoy the little things!


  1. Oh molly is so darn cute! I have a cockapoo wich is spaniel and poodle...from washington as well haha, but she is more curly than this darling Molly girl. She looks like a little teddy bear!

  2. oh my gosh! Look at those feet.

    I for one have a doggie voice. Of course.

  3. What an adorable puppy. I like your philosophy of living. It's really all about the small things with a few biggies thrown in every once in a while.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today (Wed.) and for your comment. I see on your bloglist that we follow some of the same blogs (Pioneer Woman, Bakerella, to name a couple. You might enjoy Kari Lynn Dell's blog as well. She is a rancher /writer up in Montana. http://montanaforreal.blogspot.com.

    I'll be back to your site for sure and hope to see you around my blog some more.

  4. I love love love her!!! I love her duck feet!


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