Thursday, June 25, 2009

6 Year Old Me

As a young girl, there was absolutely no such thing as too many sparkles or too much pink. The more pink and the more sparkle the better. And, in a perfect world? PINK SPARKLES! Ahhh - divine. 

I have a distinct memory of being at TJ Maxx with my Mom when I was about 6 or 7. She was at the check-out counter and I was standing by her side when I saw one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. Like a moth to a flame, I made my way through a few racks to a shimmery, fantastical, sequined pink blouse. It was amazing. Not a centimeter of this blouse wasn't covered in pink sequins. And they were not normal sequins - oh no - they were HUGE. Each sequin was probably about an inch in diameter and the entire frock glistened and spoke to my Barbie loving, My Little Pony worshipping, JEM idolizing, ruby slipper adoring 6 year old self. Think Vegas. Think Joan Collins. Think Liza Minelli on steroids. In a trance, I just stood there and ran my little hand up and down the sequins. 

"When I am old, this is what I want to wear," I remember thinking. 

Moments later, my Mom came over and led me out of the store, but I have always remembered that pink sequined shirt. It was the yin to my yang, the salt to my pepper, the Abbott to my Costello - it was...perfection. 

I have been recently reminded of this memory as I have been going through the process of trying on wedding dresses for my April nuptials. As I tried on dress after dress I had a very strict policy of no beading and no sequins. Not even a little bit. I wanted a simple, clean and classy dress and would stand the test of time. This proved to not be as easy a task as I had hoped, but alas, last night, I ordered myself the PERFECT dress. I am so in love with it and I cannot wait until the day that I get to wear it. It is JUST what I wanted, and as much as I want to post it, my darling fiance, Dan, reads this blog and, well - we just can't have the groomy seeing the dress before the big day! But, I found it interesting that, as a girl who would do anything to incorporate as many sequins as possible into my young life, how/when did I become so anti-adornment? The dress I picked would NEVER have made the cut from my 6 year old perspective. This got me thinking: if the 6 year old me were picking out my wedding dress, what would I have picked?

This dress would have made me swoon. Puffy, beaded, sequined and princess. 6 year old me would have definitely approved. 

Oh man. OH MAN. This one would have ROCKED my adolescent world. 6 year old me would have wanted this one in every color. 

6 year old me just died of happiness with this number. 

This. Would. Have. Been. THE. ONE. 6 year old me would have taken one look at this nauseating gown and said yes, yes, YES! It would have filled all of my hopes, dreams and aspirations of life as a "big girl." It would have been, in one word, superb. 

LUCKILY, my taste has changed. The scary thing is that these are all wedding gowns actually for sale out there, but to each his own I suppose. What I have picked out for myself is now me and I cannot wait for Dan to see me wearing it. As the months go by and the immigration process comes closer and closer to presenting us with the visa, I get more and more excited to marry Dan - pretty dress and all. With love like the kind that I have found, something tells me that 6 year old me would approve, regardless of the dress :)


  1. I'm nowhere near six anymore, but I still think all of those dresses are stunning... well, except for the third one. I still love the sparkles and the pink.

  2. Hi there! I found you through pdubs site! I loved finding the dress, we ended up getting married at a castle that was torn apart in England and rebuilt in Washington...for me,it had to be sparkly...but I love the more simple look now I would never choose that dress now (its only been 6 years)haha!!

  3. Love this compilation! And ain't it the truth--what I would have chosen as a kid was far different from the gown I ended up selecting--20 years ago! Wowza! And of course, the gown I would choose today would be different that the one I wore down the aisle those couple of decades ago!~



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